Butterfly pendent

18 10 2018

Building up my Etsy shop quite nice,

If you fancy taking a look please go to:- https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Aesthetish?ref=s2-header-shopname


Quartz necklace

25 09 2018

  • Hopefully the first of many pieces I’ll be selling on:- https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Aesthetish?ref=s2-header-shopname

  • Life Drawing 2018

    8 05 2018


    My first and second attempt at life drawing. I’m really enjoying attending the classes with #figuartive @lepub. Very exhilarating, therapeutic and satisfying.

    Vintage belt

    20 08 2017

    A stunning Vintage belt purchased from @theblackbearvintageemporium

    The dog says ‘sorry folks no Vintage hat today’.

    19 08 2017

    A stunning Vintage belt

    19 08 2017

    A stunning Vintage belt purchased from ‘The Black Bear Vintageem Porium’.

    If you love Vintage too you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

    A beautiful vintage summer dress, I believe it dates from the 70’s.

    4 08 2017

    What a luck find at The black bear vintage emporium! Love finding bargains like this and when they fit so well.

    For more information check them out on Facebook or instagram, like there page and you might find a bargain today.

    You can also find more photos on my Instagram account:- thehourglassappreciation