Preliminary of “Never Knowing” (Watercolour)

18 03 2009

water colour never knowing

Final oil painting in an unfinished state.

A unique style of work, accommodates for a close up view as-well as enjoying taking a step back.Could be described as a volcano sky or prophase a black heaven.Yet the true meaning will stay with the artist, as word can not always describe the dedication behind ones lost.


This is a digital approximation of “Never Knowing”, produced as a preliminary to the finished painting. I used photoshop to create a quick composition that would give me a rough idea of what I was aiming for.


Acrylic & Oil Painting 2009 (1)

13 03 2009

Feb Oil's & Acrylics

24″ x 24″


Acrylic & Oil Painting 2009 (2)

12 03 2009

Oil's and Acrylic's

24″ x 24″