Eviscerated Bird (I can be morbid)

29 09 2010

I must stress that I wasn’t responsible for this. I merely took the picture.


Handmade ‘Pontipines’

29 09 2010

The whole Pontipine family (from In The Night Garden). I made these for my friend’s nephew when he was two. As you can see in the picture, they are also fridge magnets!

Works for Sale

26 09 2010

Watercolour, £35

Payment accepted via PayPal (with approx £2 transfer charge)

With this painting, I was trying to represent deterioration and was particularly inspired by the way photographs fade and deteriorate. This helped me when creating the preliminary watercolour for my “Left behind” project (see right).

Bad Days (but keep on smiling!)

13 09 2010

Days where I cannot tolerate anyone or anything; this isn’t me! I want to escape to be with you.

Oh how I miss you!

I just want you near & yet you’re so far, sometimes it is even impossible to think of you.

But how can this be? My lifetime friend, why did it ever end???

Dad … you were my sun that rose everyday & now I just want to say ‘Hey’

I hate this deep dark feeling within me, an empty pit that cannot be filled

But I know your still with me. Subconsciously… in my dreams

Filling my days with happiness, knowing I was dreaming of you

The frustration of not being able to think of My Daddy’s Love… memories scattered & lost

His Cheshire Cat smile comes back to me, I take a look in the mirror & there it is, you live on within me & I’ll never stop smiling

One thing is for sure, when my dad left this earth he gave me the best present of all!

The appreciation of life & how short it can be…

See you later loves you xXx

Self Portrait

8 09 2010

This is me ‘bending over backwards’ for my art, photo taken by my 8-year old niece.

Self Portrait

8 09 2010

This could be referred to as a ‘conceptual portrait’ in the vain of Cindy Sherman but also possesses a fantastical or fairytale quality that could have been inspired by someone like Angus Mcbean.


Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled’


Audrey Hepburn by Angus McBean, 1950



‘Photoshop Portrait’

8 09 2010

This wasn’t created by me but by a dear friend (Tristan Plowman). It is a portrait of his late mother that really reflects her benevolent nature.