Life Drawing 2018

8 05 2018


My first and second attempt at life drawing. I’m really enjoying attending the classes with #figuartive @lepub. Very exhilarating, therapeutic and satisfying.


Self Portrait

24 11 2010

2008 Self Portrait , this was a sad & lonely time for me.

Though I had a lot of support around me at this time I couldn’t see or feel it,

all I could think of was the loss of my Dad.

Self Portrait

8 09 2010

This is me ‘bending over backwards’ for my art, photo taken by my 8-year old niece.

Self Portrait

8 09 2010

This could be referred to as a ‘conceptual portrait’ in the vain of Cindy Sherman but also possesses a fantastical or fairytale quality that could have been inspired by someone like Angus Mcbean.


Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled’


Audrey Hepburn by Angus McBean, 1950



‘Photoshop Portrait’

8 09 2010

This wasn’t created by me but by a dear friend (Tristan Plowman). It is a portrait of his late mother that really reflects her benevolent nature.

Photographic portraits

8 09 2010

These photos were taken during my Photography course in Crosskeys College. The model was a fellow student and is still a dear friend of mine.

Work in progress…

30 07 2010