Painting 2008 (a gift)

3 10 2010

This was painted specifically for a friend. It is very ‘Tim Burtonesque’.


Handmade ‘Pontipines’

29 09 2010

The whole Pontipine family (from In The Night Garden). I made these for my friend’s nephew when he was two. As you can see in the picture, they are also fridge magnets!

Portrait 2009

14 11 2009

B's prez

Heart Paintings

5 11 2009

3painting 4 my nieces

3painting 4my nieces

Heart paintings for my nieces.

“Love Birds” 2005

29 09 2009

Love-birds.05I painted this for my boyfriend’s birthday.

It’s acrylic on a 12″ x 9.5″ canvas.

An old fabric picture, in need of some love (Finished) July 09

31 08 2009

Prez 4 Sum with flash

This was an old fabric picture that I came across in a charity shop and I initially bought it just for the frame.

I then decided to embellish the picture, as a present to a close friend.

You can just see a strip of the unworked original on the left hand side. The camera flash is also in the place of the sun and it has a new frame.

An old fabric picture, in need of some love

31 08 2009

Prez 4 Sum (july 09)