Makeup Artist

Mess aroundIn 2002, after completing a year of Beauty Therapy at Level 2, I began a Theatrical Makeup course.  

Since school, I was always aware that I had a keen interest in makeup, despite being a definite tomboy (something I’m proud to call myself to this day).  

When I received my Diploma in Theatrical Makeup I was eager to take it further but, with there not being any other Theatrical Makeup courses available and myself not being ready for University or relocation, I embarked on a photography course in 2003.  

Before this I just had fond memories as a teen of taking pictures with my camera (what I later came to know as my SLR!)  

I believe that photography and art have greatly assisted me in my approach to makeup as I can apply my knowledge of lighting, high resolution, lens application, colour and depth of field.  

Me Make up

Corrective Make

B&WMe Make upB:W Mess around
B:WCorrective make up shows up really well in Black & White Photography




Male to Female   

drag queen 1Man handsdrag queen   

Special Effects   

Cra crash (leg)  



These photos were taken for my friend’s Universtiy project, which was about dreams and how we interpret them. This was the initial stage for an idea that didn’t make it to the final work. The ‘stitches’ are made by using thin black pieces of string that are glued on. Had this idea been pursued, then the stitches wouldv’e been enhanced in Photoshop to look more realistic. Often with makeup or prosthetics,  the “less is more” approach is key as embellishments or enhancements can be made at a later stage digitally or by use of lighting. Of course, this saves on time, materials and energy!




“Tuesday’s Girl” 


This is for a film, “Tuesday’s Girl”, made by some close friends of mine. I was asked to be the makeup artist on this film but for personal reasons wasn’t able to complete the job. 

The picture above, one of my efforts, shows how makeup has been added, mainly around the eyes, to give the actor a sallow, unhealthy look. It was at this point in the film that the character’s health was visibly failing and this attempts to convey that. 

I’m not entirely happy with my efforts here as I believe the makeup is a little unsubtle and just a bit too dark around the eyes. As it turned out, the film was shot with higher resolution cameras than I had anticipated so my errors were glaring. 

Looking back, I suppose my approach had been more like the simplified application of theatre makeup, where bolder colours and tones are often a necessity. 

Makeup as part of Art Photography course…

This was for a project I did in my first year of University when I was studying Art Photography. The makeup has been crudely applied because it is merely the initial step toward what I had in mind for the finished piece. The photograph was manipulated in different ways in an attempt to create a disturbing monochrome effect. Here are some examples of the results, which also show how makeup can work in tandem with digital manipulation to create something which is more than the sum of its parts…





Theatre Makeup course, Crosskeys College


Self Portrait




This could be referred to as a ‘conceptual portrait’ in the vain of Cindy Sherman. 


Wedding Makeup

I was asked to do the wedding makeup for a friend’s aunt. Here I have tried to give a choice by applying different shades and techniques to either side of the face. On the (bride’s) right there is a light brown eye-shadow and a purple shade on the left. The eyebrow pencil on the left is thicker and higher up the face and the shade of lipstick is a brighter, more lurid red on the right side of the mouth. Below is the bride on the special day!

‘Evil Rabbit’ Halloween mask (unfinished)


2 responses

11 07 2011

The aunt’s makeup is the worse wedding makeup I’ve ever seen.

13 07 2011
Natasha Stockham

Ha ha why thank u, did u even take ur time to read it?! As neither side is the same, it was the test run. Plus I’m working to the preference of the client, which had some complications when coming to the make up.

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