Held Hands

1 10 2010

My neices and myself form a beautiful symmetry.


Theatrical Makeup

7 09 2010


31 08 2010

As with a lot of my work, I was very devoted to using red at the time of this painting.  Red is a colour that is universally recognised as representing strong emotions such as anger, love, passion and danger. It is an abstraction of these things, bypassing our thought processes and tapping into our primal instincts. Although I hate to categorise art, this could be called an ‘action painting’ as it was created purely in the physical sense without any forethought of concepts or ideas.

To reinforce the physicality of my approach, I used my hands to make shapes and visual ‘gestures’ that could translate somehow differently to the canvas. As my paintings go, this one has been left relatively bare. They say that a work of art is never finished but only abandoned. I’m not yet sure whether this has been abandoned, as I may attempt to complete it, but at the moment it exists as something that was created completely free of conscious thought.


20 08 2010




12 08 2010

This painting was created with more of an aesthetic in mind and is my first painting using oils! Although it is abstract with no immediately recognisable forms, there is more of a conscious subjectivity at work here. The use of purples, reds and blues are designed to create a sense of comfort, reassurance and elegance. These colour tones are certainly pleasing to me as an artist.

The ‘swirls’ that bisect the canvas are also visual ‘short cuts’. They don’t immediately look like anything recognisable but somehow create a sense of familiarity. They are smooth, sensual shapes that are pleasing to the eye. In this way I like to think that they put the viewer at ease, leaving the mind clear to make visual interpretations.

“Bearing Life” Exhibited

4 08 2010

Casting a critical eye over my work.

Work in progress…

30 07 2010