Updates of “Never Knowing’

6 12 2010

Final oil painting in an unfinished state.

A unique style of work, accommodates for a close up view as-well as enjoying taking a step back.Could be described as a volcano sky or prophase a black heaven.Yet the true meaning will stay with the artist, as word can not always describe the dedication behind ones lost.



‘Vive La France’ – short film

3 10 2010

I was one of the makeup artists on this short film about the Holocaust during WW2.

Wedding cake decoration

2 10 2010

Cakes above made and decorated by my sister  (Natalie Stockham) and  myself.

All wedding cakes made and decorated by my sister  (Natalie Stockham).

Battersea Power Station

2 10 2010

Battersea Power Station through the trees from the other side of the Thames.

“Eye see you!”

2 10 2010

Can you see me?

Held Hands

1 10 2010

My neices and myself form a beautiful symmetry.

Eviscerated Bird (I can be morbid)

29 09 2010

I must stress that I wasn’t responsible for this. I merely took the picture.