‘Vive La France’ – short film

3 10 2010

I was one of the makeup artists on this short film about the Holocaust during WW2.


‘Mick’s It Up’

2 10 2010

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‘Mick’s It Up’ with ‘Mickey’ Stockham’s daughters.
Two indivual creative types pushing to go further in memory of their Dad.
Take a look at our cakes & arts; you never know when you may need them!

Makeup for the Bride

2 10 2010

I was asked to do the wedding makeup for a friend’s aunt. Here I have tried to give a choice by applying different shades and techniques to either side of the face. On the (bride’s) right there is a light brown eye-shadow and a purple shade on the left. The eyebrow pencil on the left is thicker and higher up the face as my client needed corrective make up and also had skin pigments. The shade of lipstick is a brighter, more lurid red on the right side of the mouth.

Wedding Photography

2 10 2010










Restored photograph

2 10 2010

‘Evil twin’ rabbit mask

2 10 2010

This was part of a Halloween costume I made. It was the ‘evil twin’ rabbit that I wore on the back of my head (the good twin rabbit was applied with makeup to my face.) This is the base mask before any colour was added.

“Eye see you!”

2 10 2010

Can you see me?