Life Drawing 2018

8 05 2018


My first and second attempt at life drawing. I’m really enjoying attending the classes with #figuartive @lepub. Very exhilarating, therapeutic and satisfying.


Pencoed Castle

11 07 2015



21 02 2011


21 02 2011

The Lovely City of Newport

11 01 2011

As the Sun Rises

Over the Muddy Waters

Updates of “Never Knowing’

6 12 2010

Final oil painting in an unfinished state.

A unique style of work, accommodates for a close up view as-well as enjoying taking a step back.Could be described as a volcano sky or prophase a black heaven.Yet the true meaning will stay with the artist, as word can not always describe the dedication behind ones lost.


Painting – Untitled

3 10 2010