Work in progress…

30 07 2010


Restored Photograph

30 07 2010


This was an old, weathered photograph of a friend’s Grandfather that I scanned and restored on Photoshop.


30 07 2010

The cables of Severn Bridge.




The following were inspiration for my project “Left Behind”



 This photo, in particular, was the biggest inspiration for the final “Left Behind” series.













30 07 2010

Car View

30 07 2010

“Never Knowing”

30 07 2010

Oil on board, 62.75″ x 30″.

Loved Ones

29 07 2010

A photo-montage created in Photoshop to include an addition to the family.

This photograph won a competition called ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’. I don’t believe any explanation is necessary.